Dear Red Bull athletes,

While international companies and major drinks brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi pulled their famous brands off Russian shelves following Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, a small number of companies stayed.

Red Bull is one of them.

By choosing to sell Red Bull in supermarkets across Russia, the company’s bosses are signalling they are happy to continue to pay taxes to the Kremlin regime and that Putin’s war is no barrier to profits.

Leave Russia, Kyiv School of Economics' ranking of international companies have put them in the category of ‘waiting’ meaning they have made no commitment to stop doing business. Red Bull’s own website says it is only “suspending marketing and new investments in Russia in early March and complies with all EU and US sanctions”, which means they’re doing nothing to take their drinks off their shelves.

Red Bull drinks are still on sale throughout Russia

It really matters that Red Bull is still doing business with Putin - just as it mattered when some companies stuck by apartheid South Africa.

As a Red Bull athlete, you have the power to change what company executives do next. If you speak out in private and in public you’ll be helping to stop Red Bull playing a role in this war.

Red Bull trades on the passion you bring to your sport. Please speak out to help stop the war.

Message a Red Bull Athlete

Here are all the 670 Red Bull Athletes with social media accounts. Make sure they hear from you and how urgent it is that they speak to Red Bull bosses and brand managers. Please be polite, many of them likely have no idea that the company is still so deeply involved in Putin’s Russia.